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New Student iPad Support Sessions

Current Freshmen - Class of 2027

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Follow directions to backup you iPad and pick 

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WHS Trojan Tech Helpdesk Phone:

763.745.6650 | M-F - 7:30-4:00

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763.745.5100 | M-F - 7:00-4:30




2024 Senior iPad and Curriculum Material Return

Seniors may return items on the following dates:

WHS Media Center, Wednesday, May 29 - 3:15-4:30
WHS Media Center, Thursday, May 30- alpha release during 2nd Block 

WHS Gym - After Grad practice announcements - Thursday, May 30


Complete the following prior to check-in

  1. Paying for damaged/missing iPad

    1. Missing or Damaged Equipment

      1. Please pay for lost or damaged equipment prior to drop off - bring the receipt of payment to drop off.

      2. $75 damaged/lost iPad

      3. $5 missing brick/cable

    2. Pay for items on Wayzata ePay site - 2024 Seniors. bring the receipt of payment to check in.

  1. Backup iPad files

    1. Notability Backup Directions

    2. Camera Roll/Photos  Backup Directions

    3. Google Accounts, please copy or backup your Google Drive accounts - Seniors will have access to their Wayzata Gmail accounts until September 30, 2024.

      1. Google Copy - Create a Gmail account - share your ISD284 documents to the newly created personal gmail account, create a copy to transfer ownership - set up a filter in emails to forward all messages to the newly created personal account

      2. Google Transfer Directions - this will copy the contents of the ISD284 Google account to a personal Gmail account, including email and documents. 

      3. Set an auto-response - notifying senders this email will cease to exit after Sept. 30 2024, and provide new contact information.

  2. Battery Must be charged - 

    1. Plug your iPad in and have a minimum of ½ your battery before drop off.

  3. Wiping iPad - MUST be COMPLETED before dropping off iPad at high school 

    1. Follow the instructions below to erase the iPad:

    2. Go to Settings->General-> Transfer or Reset iPad->Erase All Content & Settings->Erase This iPad->Continue

      1. Key in needed passwords to log out of all accounts

    3. iPad should have a white screen with the words Hello in different languages

    4. Important - if your iPad is NOT wiped prior to coming to the high school, you will need to wipe the iPad before going to the next station

  4.  Bring the iPad in the case, along with Apple charging brick and Apple iPad charging cable.