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Trojan Media Center Home: Literary Criticism

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Tips and Tricks

Literary Criticism  

Literary Criticism is the art or practice of judging and commenting on the qualities and character of literary works.

General Search Tips:

Include the term criticism or summary to narrow your search results when searching for information about a title.

Include the term biography when searching for information about an author's life.

Resources in our Media Center Databases

Passwords for home access can be found by logging in to the TMC Canvas Course.

Literary Criticism Websites

Search the Online Catalog

Search in the box above or click here to open Destiny Discover.

Search Our ebook Collection

Search Literary Criticism in MackinVIA to find online reference books with information about books and authors.  Most of the ebooks in our collection will work very much like print books - you just access them online.  Use the index and table of contents to see if your book and author are listed.

Print Books in Our Collection

Literary Criticism books are classified in the Dewey Decimal system with call numbers in the 800s.  Biographies of the authors would be in the 921s.  Some examples of helpful books are listed below.