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Trojan Media Center Home: World History

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World History Web Resources

Here are some websites that you may find helpful in your research

Search Our ebook Collection

Download the MackinVIA app, too!

eBook search suggestions

There are some eBook series that cover a variety of historical events and time periods. Try using these search terms in MackinVIA to get to the eBook series.

  • Understanding World History
  • Britannica Guide
  • Cause & Effect (use the & sign rather than the word "and")
  • Turning Points
  • Ancient Civilizations

In MackinVIA use only one or two search words for best results. For example, a search for "Europe" will give you a list of 50 books that you can quickly scan through and see what will work. Using a search with too many words will likely give you no results as MackinVIA will try to find book titles that match all of your search words.

Search the Online Catalog

Search in the box above or click here to open Destiny Discover.

World History Database Resources

You will need passwords to access our subscription resources from home. Passwords can be found in the TMC Canvas Course.